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Company Name ~ Contact
What's for Sale
Phone ~ Website ~ E-mail
1060 Exotics
James C. McGhee
Blood pythons, short tail pythons customer caging and rack systems.
(847) 385-8839
Traci Tapehead
4 Turtles
Chris Mitchell
Turtles, lizards, and snakes
(414) 481-1635
Acurit Gecko Design
Arial Cudia
Assorted captive-bred crested geckos and other lizards
(847) 924-2130
Adrienne Victor
Captive bred cornsnakes & kenyan sand boas.
American Gecko Club
Ken Braxton
Specializing in crested geckos.
(312) 224-8811
Anthony Hartung Reptiles
Anthony Hartung
Specialing in boa morphs.
(815) 405-5645
Ba-Da-Bing Pets and Supplies
Judi Manzella
Pet Beds.
(630) 730-0071
BA Reptiles
Chris & Julie Brown
Boas and Pythons
O(419) 393-4864
H(419) 439-3635
Bearded & Veiled Reptiles
Cindy Senjanovich
Assorted colored varieties of bearded dragons and quality veiled chameleons
(708) 235-0875
Becky's Feathered Friends World
Becky Worby
I breed; hand feed; raise and train cockatiels at this time. They are available for sale at 3 months at the earliest.
Best in Repts
Elise & Chris Keiser
Reptile rescue and sales.
(815) 245-3524
(815) 382-3216
Blood Bros.
Jason Williams
Ball Pythons (Python regius)
Boa Cabana
Scott & Jennifer Holland
Custom-built enclosures, captive bred snakes, educational talks
(630) 205-6268
Captain Bob's Fishtales
Bob and Gale Borger
Corys, Rams, Angels, Plecos, worm culture, worm media, wood & slate, Pleco caves.
(262) 877-2123
Carl Vail
Selling ball pythons, Brazilian rainbows, Hogg Island boas, rats, mice, and crickets
(262) 279-3501
C.C. Herps
Harold Chapman
Family-run program selling beautiful geckos from Africa, Australia, Madagascar, and New Caledonia.
(773) 720-0730
Chamo Wear
Julie TenBensele
T-shirts and other clothing
(630) 542-3482
Chester Armades
Quality captive bred hers.
(847) 609-1505
Chicago Shells
Tommy Adler
Turtles, tortoise and exotic turtles.
(708) 752-5481
Chicago Dart Frog
Pete Mertens
Dart frogs, fruit flies, terrariums, and supplies
(630) 479-frog (3764)
Claude Yoakum Reptiles
Claude Yoakum
Quality Ball Pythons.
(815) 979-4844
Contrasting Reptiles
Specializing in Boas and Pall Pythons.
(219) 210-6616
Cory Zimmer
Boas and Balls
(219) 588-7819
Cosimo Traficante
(219) 322-5309
Creepy Exotics
John and Barb Gebert
Specialized in breeding high-end crested geckos,chahoua geckos and spiders. We carry the all magnetic Instacages,magnetic plants.Repashy foods and Miner-all vitamins
(847) 609-0005
(847) 826-2770
Crested Creations
Mark Borchert
High End Crested Geckos
(815) 557-4567
Critter 4 You
Brian Milligan
Custom Cages by Lew
Lewis S. Wilkinson
Specializing in terrariums, vivarium, and custom wood enclosures.
(815) 970-5746
Dana's Designs
Dana Russell
Custom terrarium backgrounds..
(224) 399-7209
D&K Exotics
Dan Budrecki
Geckos: Crested, gargoyles, chahouas & leachies.
DeeDee's Pet Palace
Diane Izral
Home of "Spunky" the capuchin monkey.
(815) 518-5298
Degei Inc.
Damon Theis
Ball & Green Tree Pythons.
(219) 712-1016
Different Kinda Critters
Madagascar hissing cockroaches adn guinea pigs.
Diminutive Exotics
Specializing in dwarf boas, kingsnakes and rhacodactylus geckos.
(847) 420-9376
Joseph Mayer
Breeding various Dragons, from around the world, Australian Bearded/Frilled, /Water Dragons. Mountain Horned Dragons
Ed McCartan
Bearded dragons
(773) 581-4408
Ed Watson
Specializing in select Leopard geckos, Australian geckos and Uroplatus.
Electric Chair Reptiles
Nathan & Chase Brenner
(815) 541-6156
Evils' Arachnids
Randy Martinez
Specializing in Captive Bred Tarantulas.
(630) 965-0212
Tom Furr
Honduran milksnakes and ball pythons.
(815) 791-2189
Frank Morelli
(630) 675-8807
Gaspar Reptiles
Jim Gaspar
Specializing in retics--tigers and super tigers.
(708) 514-1013
Gecko Greatness
Carrie O'Neal
Crested geckos and Repashy crested gecko diet
(630) 973-3494
George Chakonas
Specializing in crested geckos.
(630) 960-2586
GLK Herps
George Knaack
Ball Pythons and Herpstat Thermostats.
(815) 572-2512
Grossboy Exotics
Brad Benike
Quality Reptiles and Frozen Rodents.
(608) 333-5898
Patrick & Mariefe Cain
Hedgehogs, Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Milk Snakes, Boas, Pythons, and More.
(920) 420-5186
Jessica Tschampa
Original artwork
Herp n More
Gary Rose
Balls, boas, and colubrids
(440) 563-1881
Indy Reptiles
Mike Anderson
Quality reptiles since 1989
(317) 850-1964
Ingati Press
Milton Rieback
Seahorses, axolotls, roaches, crabs
(630) 823-7650
Jackson's Fish & Pet Supplies
Ryne Walker
Everything - Lizards, snakes, small animals, amphibians.
Jamanji's Jungle
Patrick Talley
Ball pythons, Red-tail boas, and supplies
Jansen Exotics
Adam Jansen
Spiders and invertebrates
(630) 400-9116
Jeff Looney
Amel retics
(219) 808-5334
Jewels of the Rainforest
Dale Jewell
Captive bred Green Tree Pythons.
(224) 542-0836
Jill Bryant Crested Geckos
Specializing in HIGH quality, home-raised beautiful crested gecko babies.
(630) 745-1364
Joe & Danielle Borkowski
Snakes and lizards.
John Rouille
Snakes, lizards, turtles
Ken Butler
Dry goods
(815) 830-3282
Konstrictor Specialties
Brian Shelton
Reticulated pythons morphs, Burmese python morphs, designer boa morphs.
(262) 442-1988
Bearded dragons and crested gekos.
L & B Reptiles
Bill Shaffer & Linda Merfeld
Breeders of corns, kings and pine snakes
(563) 542-0798
Linda's Gone Buggie
Linda & Mike Bussema
Large selection of alternative feeders, including hornworms, silkworms, mealworms, super worms, and much more.
(219) 962-3710
Little Ark Tropical Birds & Fish
Finches, Macaws, Parrots, African Greys, Love Birds, Saltwater Fish, and pet supplies.
(414) 231-9496
Christina Voss
Leopard Geckos
(618) 559-9337
Lou Rodriguez
Designer Ball Pythons.
(773) 829-3333
Magna Force Industries
InstaCage - Pets will love InstaCage's aluminum mesh screens creating a healthy open air environment.
(630) 973-6100
Magnum Geckos
Jim Mangum
Specializing in Rhacodactylus Geckos and Boas
Mark Petros Reptiles
Mark Petros
Ball python morphs and selected colubrids
(847) 844-3100
Michael Payne
Boas - Albinos, hets, red tails.
Mike Patula Reptiles
Mike Patula
Selectively bred leopard geckos, fat tails, knobtails, and ball pythons.
(630) 967-4209
Mike's Obsessive, Compulsive Nature
Mike Bussema
(219) 962-3710
Millipede Man
James A. Thomas
At this time desert millipedes
(815) 388-5872
Northern Illinois Constrictors
Nick Glauner
Surinam Red Tail Boas, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Jungle Carpet Pythons, Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Ball Pythons, and Frozen Rodents and Rabbits.
(847) 828-6697
Pet Shop Parties
Steve Milligan
Custom cages
(815) 212-3022
Philli Bones
Phyllis Rinck
Gourmet dog treats.
(630) 806-6188
Port to Port Exotics
Jeff Port
Various reptiles and small animals
(309) 678-3457
Prairieland Herpetoculture
Larry Keller
Specializing in unique captive-bred snakes including: Mandarin Ratsnakes, Hundred Flower Ratsnakes, Cave Dwelling Ratsnakes, Baja Mt. Kingsnakes, Mexican Mt. Kingsnakes, Striped Gray-Banded Kingsnake & several types of boids.
(217) 688-2995
Pride Rocks
Giovanni Busand
(847) 669-6357
Pro Herps
Gary Orner Jr., John Rieger Jr.
Ball pythons, boas, colubrids, geckos
(419) 491-0134
Vickie White
Animal-related embroidery
Pugs in Leather
Floss Smith
Bird toys, leather billfolds, checkbook, key fobs, planners, id wallets and more.
(815) 436-1272
Quality Reptiles
Joe Chrusciel
Burmese pythons, corn snakes, crested geckos and more.
(708) 288-4428
Reptiles Etcetera
Taron Langhover & Dan Newsome
Custom vivariums, dart frogs, geckos and insects.
(316) 871-8729
(316) 644-5025
Rich Lang & Joe Geraci
Freshwater fish
(773) 586-6869
Riverwalk Reptile
All reptile food etc.
(630) 364-2879
Rock'n Rodents
Karl Kegley
Home of the finest mice and rats in town
(231) 570-0145
Ron Lech
Miscellaneous reptiles
773) 625-5725
Scott Gaeding
(847) 991-4198
Serpent City
Scott Michaels
Ball python morphs, boas, tri-color kings, Flexwatt, hooks, tongs, probes, drippers, fossils, crystals
(847) 293-7087
Small Fury Pet Supply
Steven Fox
Crickets to wallabies
(847) 912-7692
Special K Reptiles
Tim Koppenhofer
Steve Botts
Corydora Catfish, Suckermouth Plecos, Dry Food and Frozen Foods.
(773) 282-9383
Steve Jacobsmeyer
Sugar gliders and flying squirrel supplies: Happy Glider, Nutriglider, exercise wheels, Wombaroo products, pouches, eucapyptus
Supreme Gecko
Wally Kern
Offering high quality leopard geckos and crested geckos. Now supplying MRP- crested gecko diet and other reptile supplies.
"TANK" The Fish Man
Terry Tankersley
Freshwater tropical fish, shrimp/invertebrates and supplies.
(847) 912-6404
Ted's Birds
Call After 5 PM
Phone (773) 745-8563
Cell (847) 513-4693
TGI Clean Air & Water
Brigitte Cornelius
Air purifiers
(847) 394-2047
The Calumet Earth Farm
Ted Hasier
Plants, Koi and Goldfish. (Koi and Goldfish are seasonal April - August)
(708) 768-7992
Theraphosid Breeding Project
Bruce Effenheim
Specializing in captive-bred tarantulas
(262) 377-3287
Tina Webb
Dubia Roaches and Mealworms.
(847) 946-4434
Trophy Rhacs
Jake Karn & David Barnes
Specializing in Rhacodactylus and other species.
(630) 962-1713
(630) 877-1632
Tropical Oasis
Steve Schindler
We specialize in fish and reptiles with a wide selection and the supplies needed to keep them healthy and happy.
(262) 877-8100
TWD Services Inc.
Terri Bienkowski
Virginia Enriquez
Birds, supplies, cages.
Webbslinger Reptiles
Carpet Pythons, Bredli Pythons, African Fat Tail Geckos, and Leopard Geckos.

To reserve a table, please email or call 630-533-0181.